System, FPGA & ASIC Functional Verification

Mutt Logic was founded in 2003 by Jeff Shaffer, an engineer with 30 years of industry focus on function design verification of large system and ASIC designs. Today, we routinely pull together teams of highly-experienced and focused verification engineers to supplement our Fortune 50 clients. In this role, our team has worked with our client's internal groups to develop and implement verification plans, evaluate and customize EDA tools, and/or setup a proven development infrastructure. Our team members generally have 20 or more years of industry experience with a high-rate of first-pass silicon success.

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Software/Database Development

Many of Mutt Logic clients are small, medium and enterprise businesses that hire Mutt Logic to design, implement, test and maintain database-intensive business logic applications. Our team applies industry-standard software development practices, tools and techniques to solve difficult problems for clients in the agriculture, computer systems, facilities management, health care, higher education, law & enforcement, logistics, manufacturing, media, network security and private primary education fields. And this list grows every year. We have completed projects successfully working side-by-side with our client's internal groups or as turn-key deliveries after developing comprehensive business requirements with our clients.

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